Personal Certification

Being, and staying, qualified!

Knowledge is subject to inflation, qualifications are subject to wear and tear. That’s where personal certification comes in! Unlike a diploma, this involves continuous measurement of personal qualifications.
A personal certificate is issued for a certain number of years. After that period the certificate-holder must demonstrate that they have kept up their skills. This can be done with a statement of employment or by taking courses, training, workshops, seminars, etc. or by taking the exam again. A diploma is issued once and remains valid for the rest of your life. Obtaining a certificate and keeping it requires more of an effort.
So it is no surprise that personal certificate are increasingly used as an important condition for being allowed to carry out certain work. 
Provex (Provex: A portmanteau of Prove and Ex(amination) has been measuring competences for various parties for 25 years.
  • Determining the necessary and desired competences together with the client
  • Setting up a measuring procedure – pre-testing 
  • Setting up and carrying out training
  • Measuring
  • Report and evaluation

Advantages of individual testing:

  • People can qualify – this is seen as a reward
  • Employees will get a positive sense of quality
  • Companies will get a clear picture of the strong and weak points in the personnel organisation and they can respond to that
  • Better and more secure quality procedures and safety procedures
  • Working with qualified personnel means lower costs
  • An organisation can distinguish itself from third parties in a good way
  • The organisation can get a clear picture of what competences are present where
Provex provides personal certification for:
  • Basic safety (SCC)
  • Basic safety (equivalent SCC)
  • Basis safety (in company)
  • Emergency Response Officer (ERO)
  • Communication – basic
  • Communication – marketing
  • Communication – spokesperson
  • Designer / Test developer measuring and assessment instruments
  • Experienced driver driver’s license
  • EVC Assessor / Examiner (EVC stands for Recognition of Acquired Competences)
  • Examiner/Assessor
  • Forklift Driver
  • Head Emergency Response Officer
  • Learning Coach
  • Member Exam Commission
  • Member Exam Bureau
  • Dealing with aggression
  • Practice / Company Assessors / Examiners
  • Prevention Employee
  • Assessor measuring and assessment instruments
  • Safety for Operational Managers (SCC)
  • Safety for Operational Managers (equivalent SCC)