Examinations M.B.O.

Together with Helicon Opleidingen (Helicon Training) Provex offers a complete package regarding persons involved with examinations in MBO (Secondary Vocational Education).
A training and certification course has been developed for the following positions:

  • Assessors / Examiners MBO
  • Practice / Company Assessors / Examiners MBO
  • Constructors / Test developers measuring and assessment instruments
  • Assessor measuring and assessment instruments
  • EVC Assessor / Examiner
  • Member Exam bureau
  • Teaching coach

Within this cooperation the partners have separate tasks regarding organisation, development, execution of training and certification.


Helicon Opleidingen was one of the first MBO organisations in the Netherlands to receive a declaration of approval from the Inspectorate. Remarkable in this is that they not only develop the entire organisation of the examinations, but also the Tests. In addition the financing with this project are considerably lower than if the Tests are bought elsewhere; while the ‘know-how’ within the organisation is demonstrably high.


Provex  is specialised in quality assurance at a personal level. The examination organisation can use that to prove that its employees are aware of the knowledge and procedural aspects of their field. Provex is one of the largest parties in this field with hundreds of people certified.

You will find a lot of information on the joint site of Helicon and Provex: www.assessorentraining.nl the certificate



The certificate of candidates who have passed through this examination course can be checked by sending an email with the:

  • initials, surname prefix and last name (required)
  • date of birth (required)
  • place of birth
  • examination code

of the person you wish to check.

You will receive en email within two working days containing the information Provex can give you.