Hiring personnel

A vacancy within your company... The best man or woman in that spot, please!

Is it an internal or an external vacancy? Do you want to use opportunities for recruitment, selection, dispatchment or temping? Or would you really like to stay in control of recruitment and selection?

Provex is not a recruitment and selection bureau; Provex is not a detachment or temporary employment agency.

Provex will work for you, will help you look for the best new hand in your organisation.

In consultation with you we will determine how to announce the vacancy; which procedure will be used and what payment is in order. What kind of contract will we draw up? You will remain involved in what happens, without having to do all the work, and you can adjust if necessary.

In 2008, when the job market was pretty tense, Provex succeeded in finding over 100 good employees in all technical fields for various employers. Recruitment costs were kept low and clear, thanks to Provex’ exceptional approach.