Managing personnel

In nearly all companies and institutes the financial part of personnel management has been arranged well. A task that returns regularly and often follows a fixed trajectory.
There is much more to personnel management however and it can be of great importance in your organisation. Motivation for many staff members flows from the sense that their employer know his responsibilities and knows how to handle his personnel well. On top of that are a number of things that could have an impact:
Consider the following:
  • Follow a course, yes or no, and if so how to facilitate this?
  • An employee wants to travel around the world and asks for 4 months of leave. Can he do that?
  • Someone in an employee’s home situation is seriously ill and you notice the employee is not capable of keeping focused on his work in the normal way.
  • Special bonuses? What is the effect of them?
  • You want to hire a new member of staff, but you think the hiring a recruitment and selection agency is too expensive.
  • Do we want to do business with a temporary employment agency and if so what are the criteria for a good temping agency?
  • Unfortunately your organisation needs to be reorganised. How to handle this?
  • You notice your loyal employee is not improving or even getting worse. What to do?
Provex can be your oracle and help you find out what the possibilities are. Various models are possible: Provex can be your sounding board, where you discuss the tricky cases. Provex can also take care of the 'soft’ side of the personnel department in your company or institute for you.